Saturday, September 13, 2014

Texas Tech Red Raiders defense eaten alive by Hogs!

Sad to watch a hapless Texas Tech defense choke against a simple, straight-ahead running game. No razzle-dazzle, no trick offensive plays - just simple hand the ball to the Arkansas running back (primarily Williams) and let him rumble for 6, 7, 10, or 12 yards. Every other Arkansas play led to a first down.
Tech's defensive players looked bewildered, inept, and completely outclassed.
Clearly, the Red Raider defensive team is not ready to compete against an offense like Arkansas, or any team that has two or three running plays.
Two running plays - that's all that was needed to confuse and overwhelm Tech's defense.
The Hogs running backs manhandled them, like velociraptors against puppies!
Two plays! That's all! But tackles were in short supply. Not one Arkansas running play failed - not one!
That's a sad commentary on the state of Texas Tech defensive football.
I'm afraid that, given the rest of the 2014 schedule, Tech won it's last game of the season last week.
Every team that watched this game today now knows that Tech's defense is a pushover, a steaming pile of mush, and a disorganized, inexperienced group of easy pickings for running backs.
Too bad. The hometown fans had high hopes for this year, but it looks like it's going to be tough for Tech to win any more games.
Maybe Texas, maybe TCU - but I doubt it.
Red Raiders, hold your head up high and take it like a good loser should. Humbly, and with lots of teeth gnashing and tears.
Guns up! Crow pie down! Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!