Friday, October 22, 2004

Class warfare is a bigger threat than al-Qaida!

Yea, that's right, class warfare is a bigger threat to the American way of life than any terrorist organization and it's we who are attacking ourselves. The greedy CEOs who take multi-million dollar severance packages despite dismal performance - who's ass are they kissing? The companies like Schlumberger, Enron (now defunct but still operating under a new name), Halliburton and the military-based production giants control the future of large segments of America's population by ruling the salaries that workers will get paid. More and more downward pressure is being exerted upon American workers to take pay-cuts and perform more work for less pay. Families are fraying and falling apart because parents and children must work to meet the bank mortgages, the clothing bills, the medical bills, etcetera.

Wal-Mart says we'll pay workers low enough so that they have to buy from our stores because they work here, therefore, Wal-Mart creates a monopoly from both ends of the market equation.

It's disgusting and, I predict, there will be much suffering in the streets of the United States even up to the scale of the Civil War, because the have's and the have-nots are at odds and with the preponderance of power laying in the hands of the employers - I'm talking about the huge corporate employers - then workers will be expendable without any thought toward communities, ties that bind or patriotism. How can one be patriotic to a flag under which corporate rape is sanctioned by its own government?

How long will the underpaid, overworked, expendable workers tolerate the inhumane treatment doled out liberally by conservative Wall Street bankers?

I submit that things are gonna change and it won't be pretty.

Thomas Jefferson talked about the tree of liberty being fed upon the blood of patriots; President Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex that was, at that time in history, only beginning to envision ways to leach enormous wealth from the American capitalist system at the expense of the middle-level worker, and yet, we've ignored the advances these unabashedly, lavishly wealthy CEOs and troops of "lucky" inheritors, allowing the rich to continue taking advantage of our system, paying senators, congressman (and women) to pass user-friendly bills that bolster their takings with each passing year.

EXPENDABLE! That's the reality for every employed person in this society today. No longer is there such a thing as job security. No longer is there such a thing as "the American Dream." It's gone and, I fear, it's gone forever.

So how long will you bear the burden that people who enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor place upon you without even a thank you from on high?

How long will you allow the elite to run our government?

And how long will you tolerate the unfair distribution of wages - I mean, really, why does a person receive and $8 million severance for doing a lousy job? How is that justified?

Want to know who supports the current model of take from the poor and give to the rich? Just listen to the rhetoric coming from the White House, from the Congress, and from the public figures who relish their wealth without a care for the disparity it illustrates. The path is not unlit. It's clear as the sunrise and easy as reading a magazine to see. It's no secret and it's not hard to get at. But we've been lulled into a kind of morphine-cloud state of mind, dulled to the point of uncaring because of the mountain of disappointments heaped upon our heads.

And so it goes.