Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year, and all that jazz.

Well, it's 2014 and the centuries keep rolling along into the future and the past, depending on which platform you're standing on.
I really thought that the New Orleans Saints had a good shot at beating Seattle.
The Seahawks are a young team and I believed that Drew Brees and Co. had enough experienced and insightful players to overcome the exuberance of a youthful, excitable team.
But it was not to be, unfortunately for the Saints.
Oh, the Seahawks nearly choked and delivered the win to the Saints, particularly when they flubbed the onside kick, giving Brees and Co. a chance to score within the 30 or so seconds remaining. But the lame brained play that involved a receiver catching the pass from Brees then attempting to pass forward to a second receiver when predictably awry, and the game unceremoniously ended on that pathetic note.
Well, I hope my 49'ers fare better against the Panthers.
Yes, both quarterbacks (Cam Newton and SF's young scrambler - whatever the his name is) are youngsters, and both teams have weaknesses on both sides of the ball.
But SF has a better defense (I believe) and a better coaching staff, which, I hope, is enough to overcome the high-powered North Carolina Panther team.
I've been absent for most the NFL season, but the few games I've watched this year suggest to me that Denver and SF (or San Diego and SF) will be the Super Bowl competitors.
It's Saturday night and I'm noodling because I just purchased a brand new iMac and I'm learning the new wireless keyboard (it's smaller) and the amazing new apps and features that come with the latest iMac. It's beautiful!
Hope your new year (2014) is bountiful, full of growth and satisfaction, as well as success in all things.
Bon voyage.


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