Sunday, May 18, 2003

Oops, there goes my IP ... Damn! Looks as if SBC may not have the patience to wait for a phone call tomorrow so I can make payment arrangments - so I may lose my Internet connectivity. Oh well. Life goes on.
So I wonder who the Democrats will pit against GWB in 2003? Someone this morning on NPR said he expected that the GOP's worst nightmare would be Gephart or Edwards, the old, white-haired fellow from somewhere in the South. That political pundit said that GB would love it if the Dems put Kerry up against him because, despite Kerry's centrist views and his military record - which makes Bush '43 look like a slacker - that Bush can make his case to the 'Joe-Six-Pack' public that he's the only candidate that can dock the ship of state in the moral and fiscal port THEY hope to reach.
I admit, I'm baffled by the analysis since I think Kerry could probably give Bush a good run for his money (which probably will be the real deciding factor in the election) based on his grasp of national and international diplomacy and his deeper life experience.
But who knows. The Democrats will probably shoot themselves in the foot with too many ad hominum arguments and miss the boat because they ignore the issues. Bush is running the economy into the toilet (and he doesn't even flush), he's acting like a little Napoleon, a role I'm sure he's perfected by now, and he's trampling on the Constitution to pay off the religious right for its patronage.
Actually, I'm still shell-shocked by the fact we have another Bush in the White House. But that's another story.
I'm babbling because it's hotter than a coal-fired barbecue pit in my room and I can't get any relief. So I'll simply say, if you don't see me posting for a while it's because, as I mentioned, SBC/Yahoo didn't work with me on the bill. But if I still have connectivity I'll be back. See ya.