Thursday, July 15, 2004

Gay Marriage versus world hunger, al-Qaida, national security, et al

Bush actually wants to amend the Constitution of the United States to disenfranchise a group of Americans who don't share his sexual preference (presumably). It baffles the mind; boggles the senses and stretches credulity to its limit, this GOP-inspired (read: Evangelical zealots) idea of America as a freedom-loving sanctuary for ALL peoples.

The GOP in general, and G.W. and his ilk in particular, have an agenda that, given free reign, will twist this nation into a government of the Republicans, by the Republicans and for the Republicans – all others need not apply!

What gives these people the grandiose notion that their vision of America is the ONLY TRUE vision of America? And what insight does G.W. have, when it comes to judging the nature of human relations, that informs his moral compass to such an absolute certainty of "rightness?"

How can he believe that his espousal of such an abysmal proposition, one that would make him the first president in the history of this nation to approve a constitutional amendment that NEGATES a basic freedom, is an elevation of American wisdom? And let's not forget the GOP-led Congress, G.W.'s thugs. Who are these people and what are they doing wasting time and energy on such a frivolous issue when the United States is rapidly sliding into a dark historical period? What gives these people the right to assume that they have been commissioned to legislate morality to the NATION? when J.F.K. ran for the presidency, there was a huge outcry from the GOP about his religious affiliation (Catholicism). Noted Republicans tried to stir up fears among the electorate by suggesting Kennedy would be unduly influenced by the Pope. Of course, history shows that the strategy failed and religious affiliation, once Kennedy pledged his fealty to the Constitution above his personal religious faith, became a moot point.

But no more! Now we have a political party deeply influenced by Evangelical tenets at the steering wheel of the state. Through these doors lay minefields, folks. Our government is being highjacked by nutbags filled with self-centered certainty that they, and only they, have God's imprimateur.

Run for this hills, lock your doors, and when November comes 'round, get out and VOTE!