Monday, October 23, 2006

The emperor has no clothes

How many times does this presidential administration get a pass on ineptitude? How many times do the disaster trio -- Rice, Rumsfeld and Cheney -- get to make gross errors that cost lives without consequence? What is the president's plan in Iraq? Forget the rhetoric, the bullshit about bringing Democracy to the Middle East. That's a pipe dream and anyone with a lick of sense knows it. What is the president's plan? There is no plan, in fact. There's only stupid reactions to insurgent's bombings and shootings. Ineptitude on a grand scale is the hallmark of this administration. it's sad, and it's madness to continue to follow or throw one's allegiance to a leadership that has shown itself to be not only inept, but irresponsible with the U.S. military and its personnel. Hell, the truth of Iraq breaks my heart. Bush and his cronies caused the current state of affairs. it didn't grow in a vacuum. it grew from Rumsfeld's lust for power and some grandious notion of having historical significance.
At every turn, one hears "we underestimated the strength of the insurgency," or "we underestimated the situtation on the ground," or "we didn't realize the passion of the iraqi insurgency or its popularity among the Iraqi people."
This administration should go down in history as a tribe of criminals! What its done is criminal so why shouldn't it be held responsible?
From the idiotic appointments Rumsfeld made to high political and bureaucratic offices in Iraq, to the high-handed use of military force once the Iraqi insurgency began to roll into high gear; it boggles the mind!
Why did Jerry Bremer disband the Iraqi Army? Well, because of the political views held by Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz. Not because of a well-thought out plan. What crap, for Bremer to say, "the American people can say we did a noble thing," in Iraq! It's just another example of the Alice-In-Wonderland mindset among the Bush administration's people.
Freakin' ridiculous! Absolutely insane!
The Bush administration has put this country in such a world of hurt that it may never recover. For Americans to think that we don't need to work in concert with other nations in this world we share is to bury their heads in the sand and deny reality!
Yet that's exactly what the Bush administration seems to believe. That America, right or wrong, should adhere to Bush's vision of reality. But ask Bush what that vision is and you'll find much less than might be assumed. Much less!