Monday, January 21, 2013

Such as it is ...

Well, one half of the equation worked out, but that means the equation failed, of course.
I had New England and S.F. picked to go to the Super Bowl (in my mind, not for bets) and, after a dramatic, tense three quarters of play, S.F. finally wrestled the lead from Atlanta and managed to hang on to beat the Falcons, 28-24. That young man Kaeperneck (sp???) did a quietly masterful job of finding the open receivers - and for once, he threw passes to more than one receiver.
New England, however, couldn't handle the tidal force that the Ravens brought to Foxborough yesterday.
Too much pressure, too much hustle, and too much passion for the Patriots to overcome! It appeared to me that the Patriots just couldn't find a fourth and/or fifth gear when they needed it, and the Ravens were firing on all cylindars and sailing through all six gears without a hitch! Of the two, the 49ers/Falcons game was the best.
I think the 49ers will roll over the Ravens, despite their obvious sense of destiny (perhaps the team is finding some reservoir of "juice" for their much-vaunted linebacker Ray Lewis. who has said this will be his swan song, that he's handing up his cleats, pads and helmet and getting on with the quiet life of a FOX sportscaster.
Such is life. It's weird that Tom Brady couldn't rally his troops to put out that special, magical, last ounce of effort that playoff games inevitably take to win. But I'll leave the analysis to the guys who get paid to analyze that stuff.