Thursday, January 12, 2006

Let's party!

The way I see it, the two leading political parties in this nation offer two divergent political views: With the GOP the aims are these: Give the executive branch unlimited power, including the power to suspend ALL civil liberties under either the pretense or the reality of national security requirements; give Congress unlimited access to money, money, money, morality and civil responsibility be damned! And for the judiciary, the goal is to dissolve legal abortions, provide absolute legal protection to crooked congressional leaders (namely Republicans) and force religion into the public schools, state, county and city governments everywhere, and to create a religious litmus test for entry into the elite American political club.
The Democratic Party wants the right to address major social ills and inequities with government money; the right to examine congressional behavior and hold its practitioners responsible under the laws of the land; control the economy in so far as it affects the middle class and poor and hold the very rich power brokers feet to the fire whenever they crush human expression for putting their agendas in a less-than-glamorous light.
Where the two parties converge is money. Each would like to have access to unlimited funding, and therein lies the conundrum and the inescapable trap for every politician in America.
So what do we do?
Well, a third (or even a fourth) party ought to be created by people who share similar values, social standards and world views, and that party (or parties) ought to openly solicit funds from any and all who want to see change in our nation; which requires change and fast!
Hell, this nation needs a complete overhaul of the current reckless, arrogant, short-sighted administration that, today, rules the people through fear, fiat and obfuscation.
It's simplistic, but the fact is, if the American people do not choose to save themselves, then they will be ruled by people who allow whim and ego to guide their self-serving goals. The current crop of salacious politicos who govern this country are, by and large, a despicable bunch!