Monday, September 22, 2003

Damn Appleworks program is giving me fits Although I realize it's useless and a waste of time to get twisted behind learning that a program that supposedly allows Internet postings via links within that program (Appleworks) DON'T WORK, but it is disconcerting when one spends time arranging the words, squggles and a graphic or two on the excitedly created 'page,' only to get error messages from Blogger in return.

I've read the instructions provided for Appleworks Web linking documents – boy, it sounds so easy ... – but something is awry here and I cannot figure out what it is, unless, of course, it's simply that the program is designed for Web sites, not blogs. And I suspect now that that is the case.

C'est la vie.

Life goes on the bills must be paid!

So bye-bye and farewell.