Monday, September 24, 2012

AGain with the ridiculous referee calls!!!

Unbelievable!!! The worst calls ever - again!!! These SCAB refs for the NFL SUCK!!!
Two calls by the inept, myopic, zebras gave the Seahawks more than 40 free yards. First it was a phantom personal foul (roughing the passer). The defensive player was CLEARLY already in the act of tackling when the ball was released - by a QB that had been flushed from the pocket, no less.
Then, and this is the one that makes me want to puke, a drunken, zone-blind ref calls pass interference on the defender when the it was so OBVIOUSLY the offensive player who mauled the defensive player - who never touched the offensive pass receiver. That one was worth 32 yards. And all this in what might have been the final drive.
What the hell is the NFL doing???
This is a BAD JOKE!!!
Fans should turn off the game, stay home on gameday, and write the owners to tell them to quit ruining the game of professional football, just for the sake of their corrupt, slimy egos.

2012-13 NFL referees are a bad joke!

OK, this has become ludicrous, to say the least. I don't trust any NFL scores this season because the "SCAB" (read "inept") referees are tilting the game to one team or the other by at least 7 points.
Tonight, I witnessed the worst, most blatant example of awful refereeing by the bunch of unqualified substitute (SCAB) refs the league owners have put on the field.
The rivalry between the Patriots and the Ravens is legendary within the ranks of the NFL loyalists, but tonight that rivalry became a laughable series of "ghost" penalties, blown-calls that should have been obvious, and just plain spineless calls in a game that should have been a benchmark for both teams. But, well, thanks to the greed of the owners, who want the qualified, long-standing, experienced referees to suck eggs and take pay cuts, rather than reward them with (wait for it ...) benefits (the nerve of those guys!), those NFL referees are sitting out the season.
If any of the coaches and/or players have any "huevos," they will decide to sit out the rest of the season until the real refs are returned to the game.
Hell, the coaches aren't poor, and their families won't go hungry if they waste a season! Nor will most of the players. I would think that those folks, most of all, would be truly angry and frustrated with the state of affairs in the NFL. But, no, I guess the owners have them all by the short hairs, too. Therefore, they'll meekly accept their paychecks and swallow their rancor when an obviously bad call loses the game for their team.
With more games like tonight's debacle, where the outcome tilted, not on the solid play of well-coached players, but rather on the dim-witted, ham-handed calls of a group of unqualified "refs." I use the quotes because, in truth, they aren't NFL referees, and they should not be allowed on the field.
They're no better than any fan who has followed the league for, say, five years, and who knows four or five game rules and the basics of the game's concepts.
Sadly, tonight the Ravens won for the first time during the regular season against their nemesis, the Patriots. Well, I've got news for you, Ravens. You actually lost the game! And in your hearts, if you're honest, you know it's true!
If the game had been called by professional NFL refs, called fairly and with an eye toward THE RULES, the score would have been quite different!
So congratulations for your phony, ref-adjusted win, one that was handed to you by at least three dim-witted calls by referees who had no idea what they were doing, where they were, or how to deal with an NFL crowd and a TV audience.
Be sure you put something EXTRA in those ref's Christmas stockings, Ravens. They did you a solid!
Those refs were clearly intimidated (most of the time they stood looking to one another for support, or for an explanation of what to do. And if they happened to see an infraction, they sometimes called it, and sometimes didn't. There was no rhyme or reason that I could see, other than intimidation and a deep, abiding recognition that they had no business being on the field.
But they seemed much more comfortable calling imaginary infractions.
Perhaps the lesson is, let the refs play the game the way they'd like to believe it, and let the players just beat themselves to death for all our entertainment.
I'm sick of hearing the sports analysts mumble platitudes about how "they're trying their best," or "they're doing the best they can."
Big deal!
Most of us, I think, do the best we can, but we don't get paid princely fees for messing up a project just because "we did our best."
The aging high school and college refs that the NFL owners pulled in to handle the 2012-13 NFL season are court jesters, at best. At worst, they're denigrating and ruining the game!
Fans should feel insulted by the ineptitude with which this bunch of sad sacks handle pro football competition! After all, those tickets weren't cheap!
But I guess the owners don't give a damn, since the fans haven't rankled or made much noise about the issue. IF the the fans allow it go on, then the fans deserve every bad call, every blown call, and every "ghost" foul the stooges in stripes deliver, whether it helps or hurts their home team! Integrity and truth be damned!
Them's profits ahead, matey! Aargh!