Friday, July 23, 2010

Team of liars leads GOP Conservatives!

Andrew Breitbart, the egg-sucking liar who, once again, has proven himself to be nothing more than a blowhard and cheerleader for the CONSERVATIVE GOP dirty tricks department, should hang his head in shame for the injustice he perpetrated on Shirley Sherrod, a USDA employee and an African-American woman who he claimed was a racist. Breitbart used selectively-crafted exerpts from a Sherrod speech to the NAACP to cobble together "evidence" that "proved" his accusation. And, of course, he insisted Sherrod should be pilloried for her anti-white behavior. Or at least fired!

And though none of what Breitbart said was true, truth doesn't seem to matter in the USA anymore. Any twit with a computer and link to the Web can make up stories or craftily edit a video and destroy nearly anyone they choose to attack, so long as their audience is willing to ignore reality, truth and FACTS and believe lies!
This unimportant little man, Breitbart, whose journalism bona fides amount to a few blogs, has garnered the support of enough witless right-wing droolers to make his blog relevant to advertisers and some politicos. And, of course, he's not about to retract his untrue story. In fact, he's likely reveling in the attention that exposure of his naked lying brings him. In the slimy world of right-wing bloggers any publicity – negative or positive – in a society that's blinded by ignorance, is good publicity
Oh how Breitbart must have brayed with glee when the cowardly Tom Vilsack, U.S. agriculture secretary, fired Sherrod after hearing of the phony jouralist's accusation and his trumped-up video "evidence" posted in support of his claim. 
And, incredibly, the NAACP followed suit, decrying Sherrod's appointment to the agriculture department.
With no facts checked and no thought of truth, it seemed that most government leaders were willing to accept from so low and unreliable a source as Breitbart a fallacious charge of racism. Horrible! But true.
All bets are off. Political campaigns from the Right are guided by the ethos of "NO;" no ethics, no morals, no limits on indecency. The Conservative law is smear, lie, cheat and steal and never let the destruction you leave in your wake cost you a moment's pause. The GOP goal is to block all Democrat-led congressional bills. "Just say No to everything!" is the GOP's motto. Win at all cost is its credo, the good of the nation be damned!
And like the oil companies who're wrapping themselves in the nation's flag and none-too-subtly suggesting that opposing their practices is unpatriotic, so too the GOP Conservative movement is claiming patriotism as their sole legacy and inheritance. Liars!