Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Arctic blast blankets West Texas!

Jeez! We just got over a teeth-rattling winter storm, complete with ice, snow, sub-freezing wind chills, etc.
And here comes another one just two days later. Only thing is, there's not enough snow when these arctic air masses roll over us here in the West Texas High Plains, and I find it disconcerting and disappointing.
I like snow. I like how sounds when it's falling through the bare branches of the Cottonwood tree out back. I like how it looks when it floats, or flies sideways in the wind. And I like how the landscape looks after a foot or two of snow piles up, creating surrealistic shapes and whimsical characters out of whatever lies beneath the blanket of white crystals.
I especially like snow when snowflakes are silver dollar-sized and so thick that it's difficult to breathe if you have to walk through the curtain of fat flakes for any distance.
Weird, I know. But it's true.
But we've had two or three "winter storms" here, and none has produced any appreciable snowfalls; just these weak, thin bands of tiny flakes that, while beautiful in their own right, are underwhelming and barely enough to cover the ground, let alone pile up enough to create drifts and banks along the fence line, and cover the roads in crunchy cushions of icy whiteness.
Oh well. We take what we get and thank Mother Nature for her creativity (although, truth be told, I grumble about the lack of "MASS" when it comes to disappointing accumulations of the white stuff.
Appears we have a two-day window this time to catch a substantive snowfall, so I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best, according to my POV.
Really, all I want is a snow day vacation from work. Just one, Lord. Whaddaya say?
That's not so much to ask, right?
So come on snow! Bring it, Mother Nature! Show me your "good" stuff.
And thanks.


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