Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fox is in the hen house; Rooster's got no tail

Speaker of the House John Boehner, a psycho-killer Republican if ever there was one, deserves mountains of ridicule and scorn for his lame-brained decision to follow the Republican Tea Party Cabal over the proverbial cliff by tossing millions of hard working people under the bus for no good reason. For that matter, for no REASON at all.
I hear that the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Republican-led government shutdown cost the nation (that's you and me, folks) more than $40 BILLION!!!
Will that come out of Boehner's pocket, I wonder?
I hope that the Tea Party loonies feel good about themselves, and are giving each other high-fives and a wink-and-nod for the disaster that they perpetrated on this nation - at an especially inauspicious moment in time. I'm sure that they're delirious with the high-octane buzz of power-driven inebriation. Of course, none of them seems to have a single rational thought in those power-addled noggins they tote around with such PRIDE.
For Boehner to cast his lot with the crazed, religiously twisted Tea Party Cabal was a betrayal of any honorable impulses he might have had - long, long ago. An impulse to do the right thing for the NATION while suppressing ancient-instincts that drive men toward petty, narrow-minded, self-centered, self-serving actions. No. In this case, Boehner's "lizard self" won out, and the nation LOST - BIG TIME!
So I'm happy to hear that 75 percent of American voters believe that the House is ill-served by a GOP majority. I believe that Republicans who committed their votes to shutting down the government should be tarred and feathered, in the tradition of the founding fathers, and then be run out of town on a rail! However, barring the tar and feathers, they certainly should be voted out of office - IMMEDIATELY!
The staggering lack of foresight evidenced by the Republican shutdown defies good sense, not to mention good leadership.
The fact that the economic hardship borne by millions of federal workers and their children was callously jeered at by GOP House members, while Republican cheerleaders (e.g. Rush Limbaugh and his brain-dead clones) downplayed the hardship that befell those thousands of families, calling their losses "nothing more than an inconvenience."
Republicans, particularly House Republicans, committed a crime against humanity. Certainly they should be convicted for abuse of power!
What was the point?
The GOP knew that the president would not back down on the largest piece of legislation that his administration pioneered and pushed into law. The Affordable Care Act (TACA) is the president's historic-benchmark law, like it or not, and Boehner, as did most of the Republican Congress, understood that shutting down the government as a ploy to bully President Obama into conceding to Tea Party demands for a disemboweled ACA would fail.
 But a virulently crazed Republican Party rolled the dice just the same. What the hell. So what if a few million people suffered needlessly. So what if the economy took a hit that cost the nation and its workers billions of dollars and untold job losses.
I realize that the tide toward the status quo will inexorably rush back in soon, and good old American amnesia will reclaim our collective consciousness. But I truly hope that, in the meantime, a few Republicans pay a heavy political price for the damage they dealt to "we the people."
It's a cinch that no other price will be levied for the debacle.