Monday, December 29, 2003

T'was the night before New Year's Eve and all through the house ... nothing!

So it's farewell to 2003 (good riddance, I say) and welcome to 2004 (one can hope). Man, this past year has been a disaster in so many ways while there have been lots of miracles and high points as well. And that's the way life goes, more or less, I suppose.

I'm just keeping a lead of thread hanging in this blog site thing in case I'm inspired to actually write something worthwhile. It's been quite some time since that's occurred, especially since I was moved to the copy desk at work and spend my time cleaning up "dirty" copy and writing headlines for mundance, 'fluff' pieces. It's hard work, believe it or not, and at times it can be rewarding, though not often.

I'm on holiday until Jan. 8 so I have a lot of time on my hands and no money, so I've had to resort to creative thinking to entertain myself during the empty hours of the day and night - I've actually had to open a book and start reading again (currently it's "From A Buick 8" by Stephen King), but I did go see "The Last Samurai" yesterday. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys historical journeys sprinkled liberally with romantic notions of honor and pride and self-destructive impulses. I will say that Tom Cruise is excellent as the self-loathing, alcoholic former Indian fighter who's memories stab him through the heart with remorse and shame.

And so it goes.

My girlfriend, Debbi, is suffering unimaginable pain because of two broken teeth and it's going to be another week before the maxiofacial surgeon can perform her magic so I anticipate a roller-coaster of stress and distress for the next few days.

I only wish she could have one full day of pain-free joy.

That's it. Just one.