Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pithy, gnarly, scraggly facts.

How long will a long-standing lie perpetrated upon American voters be allowed to stand?
How long will American voters allow private, profit-seeking companies, like big oil, to wrap themselves in the nation's flag and proclaim it's unpatriotic to criticize their practices, their disregard for human lives, or to ignore their cynicism toward the the earth and its finite resources?
I'm sick of hearing the same old trash from big money interests who claim that, because oil is the foundation of America's energy, it is, therefore, sacred, a sacrament and an American product. All the while the Saudis, the Iraqis, the Venezuelans, the Russians, the Indians, the Kuwaitis and others supply (sell) America more oil than our own efforts. Oil is a profit-producing product that, yes, fuels the nation's automobiles, lights, heat, and many, many other products. But is it American? Is BIG OIL, by its unique position in the world economy, American as apple pie? NO! It's a worldwide conglomerate made up of a select, lucky few who wield head-spinning wealth. And those people want us to believe that we are obligated to salute the Flag of Enron, the Flag of British Petroleum and the rest, just because they can afford to produce slick commercials stating that it's unpatriotic to question the motives, the practices and the means by which Big Oil obtains its wealth. Ridiculous! Yet, it's been an effective message for 45 years (at least) and the average, scrapping to maintain a middle-class lifestyle people accept that drivel as gospel and vote with their blind emotions, not with their self-interest-thoughts. What does it take to get a person who's drowning because their skipper tied an anchor 'round their necks and tossed them into the drink to finally realize that their skipper is trying to drown them?
Who knows?