Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rumsfeld is a minor demon

Who are these nitwits who are running our government? More to the point, who are these people who go along with the nitwits and perform disgusting deeds in the name of honor, patriotism and American pride?
The use of torture by those who dance to the tune of Bush and Rumsfeld in the name of the war on terrorism is anathema, by my lights and understanding of the United States of America, to our way of life and our way of war.
I suspect that American soldiers, at some time in the future, are going to pay a heavy penalty for Rumsfeld's vicious policy of inflicting pain, to the extent of death, on al-Qaida fighters captured anywhere in the world. Hell, the policy applies to anyone the administration chooses to name a terrorist, including American citizens.
All you die-hard patriots who are willing to accept the Patriot Act and any and all Bush edicts, I can only hope that you or one of your family members is taken in the night by Rumsfeld operatives and treated to American justice as it pertains to terrorists.
I wonder, then, if you would be so supportive of our throw-the-rules-away policy when interrogating "terrorists."
Given the nature of Bush's war on terror, meaning thugery and sadistic practices sanctioned by the president, it's a wonder that the rest of the world doesn't openly hate and actively oppose America.
If patriotism means willy-nilly killing and satiation of the worst impulses in human nature, then I want no part of patriotism.
If patriotism means following a policy of blindly applying brutality and murderous behavior in the name of public safety, then let the public go naked in the light of day, unprotected and vulnerable.
This lunacy propagated by the president and his cronies has got to stop! There must be a humane, intelligent way to conduct this so-called war on terror, but it will never be realized unless someone takes the time to think about the issue.
Why are we putting American soldiers in harms way when the payoff is zero. I repeat, zero. Nada. Nothing.
This administration seems to think that anything it does is blessed by God, no matter how disgusting.
But I believe the insurgency in Iraq is fueled by the Bush policies. Supported by the Bush policies, in fact.
I repeat, Rumsfeld is a minor demon in the court of hell and when he dies I am sure he'll take his rightful place -- probably as court jester -- in hell's bastion. Until then, however, the world will feel his madness and know his blood lust.