Sunday, March 28, 2004

Long time gone

It's been a long time since I've posted anything on any of my blogs, but here I am, alive and kicking, after a fashion.
Not kicking really, I'm too tired for that, certainly. But alive!
So the presidential race is out of the gate and approaching the first turn, so to speak, and already its turned nasty. I just hope that both Kerry and Bush come to their senses and promote issues and solutions rather than ad hominum arguments - personal attacks - that provide the electorate nothing to go on except how witty the president's or Kerry's speech writers may be.
So my day off (Sunday) has been a swampy, delirious experience for the most part, and things just went downhill because, for some indecipherable reason, my lady friend (the love of my life, actually) is angry with me! Bummer!
What did I do, you may ask? Well, as has happened in the past, she left her phone off the hook and, in most cases heretofore, she was unaware of that fact. So I called her mother and asked her to call her daughter's cell phone and ask the daughter to tell her mother that the phone is sideways on the cradle and that I'm trying to reach her.
Bad move, obviously, since she called me within minutes of my call to the mom and bitched me out viciously! Really a bummer!
So Duke and Georgia Tech won today in two really excellent battles on the boards. The games reminded what I used to like about the NCAA basketball playoffs. They're fun to watch!
The sports writers at The A-J have picked Duke to go all the way, and the team is impressive, no doubt. But I'm pulling for the underdog, as is my usual M.O., so I guess I'll root for the Ramblin' Wrecks.
Truth be known, UCONN looks tough to me and my gut tells me they may claim the national prize, and certainly Oklahoma State is playing scintillating ball, but the 'Wrecks' have a lot of heart, gritty determination and seem to be playing relaxed and well-tuned. As a Big 12 team, I should be pulling for Oklahoma State but I think it's a long shot that they'll get past Georgia.
And finally, Condoleeza Rice appeared on "60 Minutes" tonight to refute Richard Clarke's charges against the administration, allegations that make her look like an imbecile, at worst, or an uninformed, short-sighted lackey at best. Whatever the case may be, Dr. Rice is to go before the 9-11 Commission and tell the public her take on the actions of the administration pre- and post-Sept. 11, though it may be too little too late. I'm sure that many cynics like myself suspect that her delayed acquienscence was a ploy to buy time so she could be coached - primed for saying the "right" things.

Her refusal made Bush and his crew look shady, sneaky and unrepentently arrogant, which, of course, they are. But it adds fuel to the flames of suspicion. Now believe me, I won't cry a single tear if Bush loses the election, but I think, under the circumstances, he ought to allow his cabinet members to appear before the public committee.

And so it goes.
I'm feeling kind of blue at the moment so I'll sign off for now. My Sunday has pretty much been a bust, as fun days go.
Peace - out.