Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Choices, not flummery

I'm sick of the "conservative," "right-wing" talk show hosts, who seem to think that they're the leaders of the Republican Party. Of course, the Tea Party-lackeys and "Christian" congressional leaders are happy to let those gas bags blather on the airwaves while they hide in the marble chambers of the nation's House  and Senate. They don't have to address the public or present reasoned arguments, so long as Rush and Sean and Co. espouse the rancorous message du jour, cradling the GOP politicans in soft, motherly hands.
Though no one in the GOP would ever admit it, the agenda among the Tea Bag humpers and Christian-right parrots is to kill Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, and end all federally-funded social support programs ever created. I know that's no surprise to many of you, but it may be shocking to some.
They chew around the edges of the issues, claiming that they want to cut programs to "save" them. But if you ever get them in private, where media hounds are not around, one or two among them will crow about their plans to scrap all the "social support programs" in favor of freewheeling capitalism.
They favor ONLY the abundantly endowed (be it financial or amorous) and scorn the poor, the workers and the silent, desperate majority, who are so easily ignored and so badly led.
I'm constantly surprised at how willingly Americans are led into darkness.
Their lack of insight, logic or thought is astoundingly sad. I also am somewhat in awe of the GOP's capacity for lying, manipulating and sidestepping the truth. It's amazing! They want to destroy public schools, public broadcasting, public libraries, public jobs programs, public food programs, public education-aid programs – in short, all public programs supported by federal tax dollars.
The American public has to choose what kind of society it wants for itself, for its children, for its legacy.
The nation, given the annual tax income to the federal government, can afford whatever programs it chooses to support. It's only a matter of choosing and implementing actions to invest in that choice.
But we're told that the government can't afford to give up billions of dollars in wasteful military spending, billions of dollars in wasteful "covert actions" spending, billions of dollars in useless "pork" programs, but we must get rid of PBS radio, food stamps, unemployment benefits, workers' unions, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, or the nation will fall into a deep, dark hole. That's the sales pitch the GOP is touting, but it just doesn't fly, if one is willing to think about what's being said. Given the trail they're on, it's clear to me that the GOP has one goal. To elevate gentrification to the status of "patriotism" and condemn millions of people to isolation and neglect.
Ah well. Life goes on.