Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Wave goodbye to 2005 because it's about to fade into history -- only to be resurrected at some later date, shiny and new and revised to fit the notions of the day.
What a weird, spastic, out-of-kilter year its been. The only positive thing I can say for 2005 is I survived it (so far) and that's no great feat or break.
Of course, the Dems are thrilled because here, near the end, they finally made some headway in eroding the GOP's stranglehold on the public's collective mind. Bush doesn't seem so impenetrable, imperturbable or untouchable anymore, thanks to his fumbling, bumbling foreign policies that have reduced America to a cartoon version of its former glory in the eyes of the rest of the world. Yea, the Ivy League cowboy shot himself in the foot with his cronyism, his inept handling of all affairs international, and his foggy-bottom blunders through the valley of liberal malcontents and war protesters. It's amazing what one woman, a grieving mother from California with those hippie-type ideas about how the world should work, achieved in terms of stripping away Bush's super cape of invisibility. The king stands naked in the light and no one is enthralled.
Soon we'll be heading into 2006; a new year, another phase of days and weeks to watch the world spin around the sun and see how people will screw up their lives.
Ain't it lovely.
Happy f*@$)!# New Year!