Sunday, March 16, 2003

War du jour 16 March 2003: Well, it appears we'll be at war with Iraq within days, given the summit held today between Bush, Blair and that guy from South America(?). Giving the U.N. one day to make up its mind, I think, is just a form or diplomatic smirking at the inept and inactive team of Security Council members, who, if one remembers, allowed millions to die in Africa, Bosnia and several smaller conflagrations worldwide. Security Council? I think they should be called "Idiots of the U.N." It suits rather well.
At any rate, all I can say is I wish our troops the safest possible war; may they all come home in one piece (not likely) and may they fight well. I wish that innocent women and children and old folks wouldn't have to die, but let's face it. If the Iraqi peoples truly hated Saddam as much as we've been told, someone surely would have whacked this loon a long time ago. So I'm afraid my position is, you go out with the guy what brung ya, and that's that. Sorry folks. But this Iraq thing has been dragging the whole world down the tubes far too long and we might as well get on with what, clearly, was as inevitable as Saddam's arrogant gamesmanship in the face of overwhelming odds. All the dying that happens I lay at his feet, not ours. And won't it be nice not to have Iraq headlines hogging the newspaper space everyday? I think it will!
So God speed to the warriors of the red, white and blue, and screw the Iraqis. Perhaps, as Colin Powell contends - though highly unlikely - the Middle East will read this action as a clear signal that America means what it says, and it will put the region on notice - it's time to get real and quit squabbling about 3,000-year-old tribal disputes.
Whatever happens, look for the fallout soon after the bombs start to fall in Baghdad because we'll certainly have to pay a price. I only pray it's worth it in the end.