Tuesday, November 08, 2005

How long will mid-America continue to believe this White House? How many deceptions, poorly played political gambits, how much shabby logic, sloppy reasoning and sophomoric thinking can the good folk of Kansas swallow?
Apparently as much crap as Bush can shovel, and then they'll ask for seconds!
Jeez! How sadly despicable is the decision by the Kansas Board of Education (more like the Board of Inbred Schizoids) to retool the science standards for the state's public schools? What kind of children do they hope to nurture by feeding them tripe and fantasy instead of fact-based science.
Oh, I know that any scientific conclusion can be challenged by any wild-eyed Chrisitan who wants to invoke God as the arbiter of all reality. But just because the scienctific theory of evolution can be challenged does not make it less plausible, feasible, concrete and provable. But the good folks of Kansas want their chidren to be taught that Darwin's theory has no more weight than the theory that God created the earth in seven days and six nights, and then rested.
OK. Fine. I say let these folks teach their chlidren anything they want to teach them (without my tax dollars, thank you) and then track them throughout their lives to see how successfully they handle the rest of the world's viewpoints.
I say let them climb that mountain with their families and, without public funding, open the Universal School of Intelligent Design and God's Guarnteed Real-Deal Reality, and let's see if their children have fewer sexual encounters, fewer cases of sexually transmitted diseases, and/or any great scientific insights that further man's knowledge of the world and the universe in which we all live. I'm guessing we'll find out that their children will find themselves lost outside the fuzzy zone of reality their parents enshrouded them within; that those same kids will have little (or nothing) to offer to humanity - other than a zealot's rap - which, in the end, is only empty words.