Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rising in the tide

How long will this crazy GOP-controlled Congress get away with shoveling s@#* down the throats of the American public? Once again, I'm flabbergasted by the gullibility of we the people. We've disregarded the lies that got us into Iraq – somehow we wanted to believe because we wanted to strike out at the Middle East for 9/11 – we swallowed the lies about Abu Ghraib – "We do not torture," Dubya said; we buy the phony Christianity that profits from the suffering of queers, lesbians, Darwinistas, Democrats, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, in short, anyone who disagrees with the Christian right, the foaming-at-the-mouth, rabid zealots who want to take over the governments of every state from the bottom up (this was common knowledge in 1995 when the "Christians" published their manifesto about taking over school boards so they could oust the godless knowledge contained in Certain BOOKS, and in CERTAIN SCIENCE, not to mention SEX EDUCATION. Holy smokes! Sex ed. taught to our innocent lambs who've never had an impure thought in their protected lives. Abomination!
Yea, right.
How delusional will this nation allow itself to become before it wakes up to reality? Who's reality, you might ask? Well, the reality of God, of course. The reality of sex, flowers, birds and bees, the Kama Sutra and U2. The reality of a brick upside your head in downtown L.A. just because you're there.
That reality.
Christians (at least Dubya's kind of Christians) seem to believe that hiding one's head in the sand is the answer to every problem. Jesus Christ will fly in, cape aflutter, and save the day.
Yea, right.

So I've finally collected every episode of "Sin City." I'm pleased. It's such a beautiful bit of artistry spun together with interesting plot lines that explore the dark side of human experience. Oh yea, it's COOL!
I wasn't too pleased with the Tarantino-produced "Hostel." Seemed like a throwback to the days of "10,000 Maniacs," or "Pit in the Pendulum" in that nothing much original was offered. I had hoped the story would be inventive, if not just plain interesting, but no. It was a rehashing of dozens of teenage angst flicks produced in the '60s and '70s. Cutting off thumbs and other body parts just doesn't hold the same shock factor or emotional charge it once did.
C'est la vie.

And so, it's time to sign off for now. Remember, only you can prevent another four years of flaccid government – get out and vote come November. And when it's time to replace GDubya, for God's sake, save yourselves! Vote for anyone but a Republican! Hell, vote for Wavy Gravy, vote for Carlos Mencia, vote for that stupid cartoon dog (what's his name? you know, the sloppy great dane that talks, sort of). But whatever you decide, VOTE! OK?
Thanks. And remember, God loves you. And I'm trying.