Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year, and all that jazz.

Well, it's 2014 and the centuries keep rolling along into the future and the past, depending on which platform you're standing on.
I really thought that the New Orleans Saints had a good shot at beating Seattle.
The Seahawks are a young team and I believed that Drew Brees and Co. had enough experienced and insightful players to overcome the exuberance of a youthful, excitable team.
But it was not to be, unfortunately for the Saints.
Oh, the Seahawks nearly choked and delivered the win to the Saints, particularly when they flubbed the onside kick, giving Brees and Co. a chance to score within the 30 or so seconds remaining. But the lame brained play that involved a receiver catching the pass from Brees then attempting to pass forward to a second receiver when predictably awry, and the game unceremoniously ended on that pathetic note.
Well, I hope my 49'ers fare better against the Panthers.
Yes, both quarterbacks (Cam Newton and SF's young scrambler - whatever the his name is) are youngsters, and both teams have weaknesses on both sides of the ball.
But SF has a better defense (I believe) and a better coaching staff, which, I hope, is enough to overcome the high-powered North Carolina Panther team.
I've been absent for most the NFL season, but the few games I've watched this year suggest to me that Denver and SF (or San Diego and SF) will be the Super Bowl competitors.
It's Saturday night and I'm noodling because I just purchased a brand new iMac and I'm learning the new wireless keyboard (it's smaller) and the amazing new apps and features that come with the latest iMac. It's beautiful!
Hope your new year (2014) is bountiful, full of growth and satisfaction, as well as success in all things.
Bon voyage.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fox is in the hen house; Rooster's got no tail

Speaker of the House John Boehner, a psycho-killer Republican if ever there was one, deserves mountains of ridicule and scorn for his lame-brained decision to follow the Republican Tea Party Cabal over the proverbial cliff by tossing millions of hard working people under the bus for no good reason. For that matter, for no REASON at all.
I hear that the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Republican-led government shutdown cost the nation (that's you and me, folks) more than $40 BILLION!!!
Will that come out of Boehner's pocket, I wonder?
I hope that the Tea Party loonies feel good about themselves, and are giving each other high-fives and a wink-and-nod for the disaster that they perpetrated on this nation - at an especially inauspicious moment in time. I'm sure that they're delirious with the high-octane buzz of power-driven inebriation. Of course, none of them seems to have a single rational thought in those power-addled noggins they tote around with such PRIDE.
For Boehner to cast his lot with the crazed, religiously twisted Tea Party Cabal was a betrayal of any honorable impulses he might have had - long, long ago. An impulse to do the right thing for the NATION while suppressing ancient-instincts that drive men toward petty, narrow-minded, self-centered, self-serving actions. No. In this case, Boehner's "lizard self" won out, and the nation LOST - BIG TIME!
So I'm happy to hear that 75 percent of American voters believe that the House is ill-served by a GOP majority. I believe that Republicans who committed their votes to shutting down the government should be tarred and feathered, in the tradition of the founding fathers, and then be run out of town on a rail! However, barring the tar and feathers, they certainly should be voted out of office - IMMEDIATELY!
The staggering lack of foresight evidenced by the Republican shutdown defies good sense, not to mention good leadership.
The fact that the economic hardship borne by millions of federal workers and their children was callously jeered at by GOP House members, while Republican cheerleaders (e.g. Rush Limbaugh and his brain-dead clones) downplayed the hardship that befell those thousands of families, calling their losses "nothing more than an inconvenience."
Republicans, particularly House Republicans, committed a crime against humanity. Certainly they should be convicted for abuse of power!
What was the point?
The GOP knew that the president would not back down on the largest piece of legislation that his administration pioneered and pushed into law. The Affordable Care Act (TACA) is the president's historic-benchmark law, like it or not, and Boehner, as did most of the Republican Congress, understood that shutting down the government as a ploy to bully President Obama into conceding to Tea Party demands for a disemboweled ACA would fail.
 But a virulently crazed Republican Party rolled the dice just the same. What the hell. So what if a few million people suffered needlessly. So what if the economy took a hit that cost the nation and its workers billions of dollars and untold job losses.
I realize that the tide toward the status quo will inexorably rush back in soon, and good old American amnesia will reclaim our collective consciousness. But I truly hope that, in the meantime, a few Republicans pay a heavy political price for the damage they dealt to "we the people."
It's a cinch that no other price will be levied for the debacle.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

GOP hornswoggled by minority nut-jobs from the extreme right-wing of the Party!

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH): "I'm against shutting down the government. It's a counter-productive thing to do and Republicans will pay a heavy price if we do it."
Boehner admirer: Speaker Boehner is a brave and honorable man; and even though he's against this minority group of Republican congressmen who are screaming for an impossible dream - to reverse Obama-care - and who want to shut down the government for no other reason than spitefulness, the speaker must still consider the will of the majority."
News reporter: "But if he's listening to the majority of Republicans, aren't they on his side of the equation and against a government shutdown? It seems to me that this loud minority of Republicans who represent a fringe faction of the Party, a faction that refuses to compromise and oppose any legislation with the president's name attached to it . are pushing the majority out of the way.  Isn't that true?
Admirer: "Well, yes that's true. But you have to understand, Speaker Boehner is attacked almost daily by this small group of thugs who jump out at him while he's walking down the garden path.
"And though they are only about 30 or 40 - up to 60 if the issue gets "hot" enough - they still can cause Speaker Boehner big problems because if he can't get all his Republican votes for legislation that supports the Party's agenda, then he is essentially a lame-duck speaker."
News reporter: "But if the speaker is such an honorable and, I believe you said, brave man, then wouldn't he do better to oppose the 'thugs' who have backed him into a corner?"
Admirer: "You have to understand, despite their small number in Congress, these folks, who simply refuse to be led by anyone, can stir up a hornets nest out there in the states where the GOP still holds sway, despite a creeping burden of irrelevance that these stiff-necked cultists have thrust upon the GOP."
Reporter: "Still, it seems to me that the speaker would be better served by facing down the minority faction while it still has little influence among House members. Otherwise, won't their power base begin to grow with each perceived win? Isn't the speaker, in fact, giving the thugs the power they want?"
Admirer: Well, put that way I suppose it's true. But politics is a strange business. Sometimes you have to lay down with fleas to befriend big dogs, so to speak."
Reporter: "Huh?"
Boehner: "Huh?"

(Quotes for dramatic effect - not accurate. But the drift of the exchange is factual!)
Weird, ain't it?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Deb's baby girl marries, and a new chapter of life begins for us all.

Young lovers marry for life, for mutual comfort, for the innate joy of having each other,  and for desire, passion, and selfless giving; bound together by a spark of galactic fire that wreaths their hearts in a glow that comes only from family; and everyone who witnessed the ceremony felt happy, too! 

The most magical secular wedding ceremony I've ever seen!
The judge was a joker; a man who knew both families and had tales to share about someone from each quarter - the Lovell/Watsons and the Wooduls. 
The wedding flooded the courtroom - six floors above the city streets - with giddy excitement, grace, and a sense of solemnity not often experienced in those chestnut-paneled walls, and baize-colored carpeted floor.
It's September in Texas, and it feels more like California! The temperatures have hovered around the mid-80s each day, and the sunrises look like molten gold streaming across the azure shores of the ocean sky.
Too cool!
So now I salute the new little family that two people chose to form with their love. It's a precious, wonderful thing to behold, and to know, if only vicariously. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Such as it is ...

Well, one half of the equation worked out, but that means the equation failed, of course.
I had New England and S.F. picked to go to the Super Bowl (in my mind, not for bets) and, after a dramatic, tense three quarters of play, S.F. finally wrestled the lead from Atlanta and managed to hang on to beat the Falcons, 28-24. That young man Kaeperneck (sp???) did a quietly masterful job of finding the open receivers - and for once, he threw passes to more than one receiver.
New England, however, couldn't handle the tidal force that the Ravens brought to Foxborough yesterday.
Too much pressure, too much hustle, and too much passion for the Patriots to overcome! It appeared to me that the Patriots just couldn't find a fourth and/or fifth gear when they needed it, and the Ravens were firing on all cylindars and sailing through all six gears without a hitch! Of the two, the 49ers/Falcons game was the best.
I think the 49ers will roll over the Ravens, despite their obvious sense of destiny (perhaps the team is finding some reservoir of "juice" for their much-vaunted linebacker Ray Lewis. who has said this will be his swan song, that he's handing up his cleats, pads and helmet and getting on with the quiet life of a FOX sportscaster.
Such is life. It's weird that Tom Brady couldn't rally his troops to put out that special, magical, last ounce of effort that playoff games inevitably take to win. But I'll leave the analysis to the guys who get paid to analyze that stuff.

Monday, September 24, 2012

AGain with the ridiculous referee calls!!!

Unbelievable!!! The worst calls ever - again!!! These SCAB refs for the NFL SUCK!!!
Two calls by the inept, myopic, zebras gave the Seahawks more than 40 free yards. First it was a phantom personal foul (roughing the passer). The defensive player was CLEARLY already in the act of tackling when the ball was released - by a QB that had been flushed from the pocket, no less.
Then, and this is the one that makes me want to puke, a drunken, zone-blind ref calls pass interference on the defender when the it was so OBVIOUSLY the offensive player who mauled the defensive player - who never touched the offensive pass receiver. That one was worth 32 yards. And all this in what might have been the final drive.
What the hell is the NFL doing???
This is a BAD JOKE!!!
Fans should turn off the game, stay home on gameday, and write the owners to tell them to quit ruining the game of professional football, just for the sake of their corrupt, slimy egos.

2012-13 NFL referees are a bad joke!

OK, this has become ludicrous, to say the least. I don't trust any NFL scores this season because the "SCAB" (read "inept") referees are tilting the game to one team or the other by at least 7 points.
Tonight, I witnessed the worst, most blatant example of awful refereeing by the bunch of unqualified substitute (SCAB) refs the league owners have put on the field.
The rivalry between the Patriots and the Ravens is legendary within the ranks of the NFL loyalists, but tonight that rivalry became a laughable series of "ghost" penalties, blown-calls that should have been obvious, and just plain spineless calls in a game that should have been a benchmark for both teams. But, well, thanks to the greed of the owners, who want the qualified, long-standing, experienced referees to suck eggs and take pay cuts, rather than reward them with (wait for it ...) benefits (the nerve of those guys!), those NFL referees are sitting out the season.
If any of the coaches and/or players have any "huevos," they will decide to sit out the rest of the season until the real refs are returned to the game.
Hell, the coaches aren't poor, and their families won't go hungry if they waste a season! Nor will most of the players. I would think that those folks, most of all, would be truly angry and frustrated with the state of affairs in the NFL. But, no, I guess the owners have them all by the short hairs, too. Therefore, they'll meekly accept their paychecks and swallow their rancor when an obviously bad call loses the game for their team.
With more games like tonight's debacle, where the outcome tilted, not on the solid play of well-coached players, but rather on the dim-witted, ham-handed calls of a group of unqualified "refs." I use the quotes because, in truth, they aren't NFL referees, and they should not be allowed on the field.
They're no better than any fan who has followed the league for, say, five years, and who knows four or five game rules and the basics of the game's concepts.
Sadly, tonight the Ravens won for the first time during the regular season against their nemesis, the Patriots. Well, I've got news for you, Ravens. You actually lost the game! And in your hearts, if you're honest, you know it's true!
If the game had been called by professional NFL refs, called fairly and with an eye toward THE RULES, the score would have been quite different!
So congratulations for your phony, ref-adjusted win, one that was handed to you by at least three dim-witted calls by referees who had no idea what they were doing, where they were, or how to deal with an NFL crowd and a TV audience.
Be sure you put something EXTRA in those ref's Christmas stockings, Ravens. They did you a solid!
Those refs were clearly intimidated (most of the time they stood looking to one another for support, or for an explanation of what to do. And if they happened to see an infraction, they sometimes called it, and sometimes didn't. There was no rhyme or reason that I could see, other than intimidation and a deep, abiding recognition that they had no business being on the field.
But they seemed much more comfortable calling imaginary infractions.
Perhaps the lesson is, let the refs play the game the way they'd like to believe it, and let the players just beat themselves to death for all our entertainment.
I'm sick of hearing the sports analysts mumble platitudes about how "they're trying their best," or "they're doing the best they can."
Big deal!
Most of us, I think, do the best we can, but we don't get paid princely fees for messing up a project just because "we did our best."
The aging high school and college refs that the NFL owners pulled in to handle the 2012-13 NFL season are court jesters, at best. At worst, they're denigrating and ruining the game!
Fans should feel insulted by the ineptitude with which this bunch of sad sacks handle pro football competition! After all, those tickets weren't cheap!
But I guess the owners don't give a damn, since the fans haven't rankled or made much noise about the issue. IF the the fans allow it go on, then the fans deserve every bad call, every blown call, and every "ghost" foul the stooges in stripes deliver, whether it helps or hurts their home team! Integrity and truth be damned!
Them's profits ahead, matey! Aargh!