Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Rush, rush, rush. That's the way it is today. So it's Sunday night and I'm about to go watch the last episode of the season of "Six Feet Under," although D tells me it's disappointing. But what the hell, my life has dwindled down to very few pleasures and one of those includes a select few television offerings such as "Six Feet ... ."
I'm glad to see Mike is still posting and that his posts are inflammatory and controversial. So how's it hanging Mike? I hope you're finding life in SA wonderous and fabulous to boot.
It's dark and cloudy outside and it feels as though we may get some much-needed rain, but that's never a given around these parts, even it it's raining half a mile away. We had a wonderful light show last night - lightening strikes booming through the atmosphere and thunder that rattled the windows. It was great!
Can't stay long. In fact, I've got to run right now. God (or whomever) bless you and yours.

Oops! Duplicates are a drag. "It's Saturday night and I ain't got nobody, I got some money 'cause I just got paid ... " What a classic song. I don't remember who first recorded it or who wrote it, but it's still relevant today and I know it was written at least 30 years ago. Love and romance seem to have very few new twists. Oh sure, people pierce themselves, tattoo themselves and even split their tongues in a pitiable effort to express liberation or uniqueness, but nothing's new under the sun.If some tribe in Africa or the Philippines hasn't already performed acts of mutilation in the name of self-expression, then some freak in LA has. And throughout all these cartwheels that lead us to, one hopes, a match, a mate, a lover or friend, through all the scarification and ink-soaked pinpricks, people keep digging for that one jewel beneath the stone of their hearts. Love - or perhaps simply companionship. Whatever the case, intimacy with another human being is as important to one's well-being as air itself. Intimacy is the stuff of life, the bread of the soul. Without it one might as well be dead, for death is only an empty place where the soul grows tiny as an atom but expands across the universe.
And so it goes, as do I. Time to go visit my companion now, thank you very much. Goodnight, good morning and good day.


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