Sunday, May 04, 2003

Back to school I finally got OS 10.2 installed and working on my computer (iMac) and now it's back to computer school for me. There are so many different items, icons and settings to learn, from what I can see right now, I'll be a month just learning the basics.
But I do like the swirling graphics and the dock. Once I figure out how to use some of this stuff I'm sure it will make using my computer fun again. Well, to be perfectly honest, I HOPE it will make it fun. So far I've had to download updates for several programs just to make it function, and I had to download Windows Media for OS X and ditto for RealPlayer, but that went smoothly for the most part. It's mostly hit or miss at this point. Fortunately one of the technicians at work loaned me an OS X operating system manual (eck!) that should help me configure things properly. But as I said, it will be a slow, laborious process.
Why do we put ourselves through these labor-intensive exercises on computers just to make surfing the Internet or creating documents "easier?" I really haven't a clue. But that's my Sunday entry. I just realized I've spent most of the day fiddling with this thing. Time to get out and look at the stars.
Speaking of stars, where are the Democratic candidates who have a chance against Bush? If the debate last Thursday is any indication, the party is in real trouble. It seems that no one has a solid platform yet and I have my doubts about whether one is forthcoming.
I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Hello to Mike and Susan. Hope all is well. And hello to Justin, Irisa, Kathleen and D.
It's a hot, muggy night, especially in this room, so I'm out. Adios for now.


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