Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Hopelessly hoping that "economy" dawns in the big Bush brain ... I cannot believe the bull-in-a-china-shop fallout of our mighty President Bush '43's doctrine - both domestic and international policies. And here's Bill Kristol, the pseudo-sophisticated voice of the GOP extolling the wisdom of the Bush presidency - incredible! I don't know how Kristol can defend, for example, the Home Security Act of 2002 and its addendum, which deprives Americans of their Constitutional rights to a frightening degree. Yet the great unwashed masses (that's us folks) sit quietly on their hands and say nothing. I realize we're willing to give up a certain amount of freedom in the name of safety and protection, but what this administration has done is bring to fruition the worst vision of Joe McCarthy who, in case you're too young to remember, was a hard-drinking Commie basher who started a fear-based campaign in the early 1950s that reflected Orwell's "1984," only it was REALITY. People were ruined by having their names uttered by McCarthy in the same sentence containing words like "pinko," or "communist," or "socialist." And now the nation (that's us folks) has embraced this policy of invasive oversight into private lives without any recrimination other than from the liberals. And liberals have been so partitioned and neutralized by their own ineptitude that their voices are ignored by mainstream America.
And so it goes.
Got to run or I'll be late for work. Here's mud in your eye.


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