Monday, May 05, 2003

No Monday is a good Monday for me Yea, it's another Monday. But unlike most of the working class rabble like myself, Monday is one of my days off. And today has been pretty uneventful so far. And that's why I'm sitting here wondering how to spice up my evening a bit since I've had one of the most dull days I've experienced in a long time.
Of course, that's my fault and nobody's but mine. I just felt uninspired and lazy, frankly, and besides that, I'm flat broke – a real drag when one doesn't feel like reading a book, which, by the way, I usually find great enjoyment in doing. But not today.
No, today's been one of those Twilight Zone days when I just could not find anything to hold my attention long enough to immerse me in concentration or revelry. Some days are simply blah days, and this certainly has been one of them.
About the most productive thing I've done today is work on a Mother's Day card for D, my lady friend. For some reason when I printed a 'proof' copy the colors came out too green, so now I have to learn how to adjust my computer's linkup with my printer, something I didn't have to do at all when using OS 9.2. Oh well. So it goes. And rather than bore anyone out there with my own malaise. I'll simply say, sayonara and good luck one and all.


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