Wednesday, April 30, 2003

The world turns another day – or does it? What if you were watching, oh, say an episode of "NYPD Blue" and suddenly your brain exploded from an anerysm and your heart finally gave up the ghost from all that cholesterol clogging your arteries? What would your last thoughts be? Ever wonder? Well, I do, and I've come to the conclusion that I'd probably regret missing the thrilling 2-hour season finale.
Now I'm not sure what psychological implications this scenario presents, (who cares what psychiatrists think anyway? They live in a world of fantasy and exposition based on fiction!), but I think, in my case, it means that LIFE IS A CRAP SHOOT WITH NO POINT, NO RHYME AND NO REASON. Well, maybe not. But isn't it ridiculous that many of us actually die while sitting in front of a TV set viewing some rehashed plotline played out by people we've never met but who we "feel" we have a relationship with, if only from afar. Very far!
Why, you may ask, am I rambling about such a morbid question? No reason. It just occurred to me that were I to snap, crackle, pop out of existence at this moment it would be truly embarrassing (but only for my physical manifestation; I'm sure my spiritual 'self' would be back in the gate and ready for the next escapade into this so-called reality.
Really, I guess I'm suggesting that you might want to try and do something worthwhile with your life before it fizzles out. Whatever you feel is worthwhile (and legal, I suppose) will do nicely, I'm sure. There really isn't a scorecard being kept on your behavior in the celestial realms. And there isn't an absolute moral imperative, not on this planet. So do your best and aim for fulfillment.
So ends our sermon. Peace.


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