Saturday, May 03, 2003

Look here now, ye fools, and enter not, lest ye be devoured by your own lust!
Ooooh. Spooky eh? Well, not really. Just my flair for the dramatic emerging through my bleary-eyed brain waves. I'm feeble and shaky from hunger. And the tale of Rasputin's terrible death is unfolding behind on the TV.
Crazy fuggin' Russian!
But here's something for you to consider:
"There is absolutely no such thing as inevitability so long as there's a willingness to think about what is happening." The quotes, of course, are indicating that this is not my original thought, but it is a thought – a concept that's haunted me for many,many years. The phrase was carved into the wooden doorframe of a train caboose that had been transformed into a kitchen addition attached to another train car that sat at a right angle to the "kitchen." This place was in Casper, Wyo., and I remember well the overcast afternoon I happened to notice words carved into the wood that bordered the doorway between the kitchen and the "living room."
Who said it? Damned if I can recall. It wasn't Freud, it wasn't Kafka, nor was it Jung or Dostoevsky.
But think on that simple phrase. Spend 10 minutes contemplating its meaning. Try to plumb the depths from which that thought emerged and see if you don't feel a harmonic warmth rising in your senses. "ABSOLUTELY no such thing as inevitability ... ." That one word, absolute, gives the phrase a force, a momentum that knocks over one's placid thinking like pins in a bowling lane. But is it passive or active? Does the meaning suggest that one pursue confidence in one's own picture of life? Or does it suggest that one's life is purely a blend of chaos and regimentation, self-imposed by way of human nature?
For me, that phrase suggests that human beings can change the course of all behaviors and actions and, yes, even the course of one's own nature. Therefore, whoever you think you are; however you perceive yourself and your abilities, so long as you can think, you can change. And in change you can find freedom from any affliction, be it mental, spiritual or physical.
What do you think? I'm curious. Good night.


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