Monday, September 23, 2013

Deb's baby girl marries, and a new chapter of life begins for us all.

Young lovers marry for life, for mutual comfort, for the innate joy of having each other,  and for desire, passion, and selfless giving; bound together by a spark of galactic fire that wreaths their hearts in a glow that comes only from family; and everyone who witnessed the ceremony felt happy, too! 

The most magical secular wedding ceremony I've ever seen!
The judge was a joker; a man who knew both families and had tales to share about someone from each quarter - the Lovell/Watsons and the Wooduls. 
The wedding flooded the courtroom - six floors above the city streets - with giddy excitement, grace, and a sense of solemnity not often experienced in those chestnut-paneled walls, and baize-colored carpeted floor.
It's September in Texas, and it feels more like California! The temperatures have hovered around the mid-80s each day, and the sunrises look like molten gold streaming across the azure shores of the ocean sky.
Too cool!
So now I salute the new little family that two people chose to form with their love. It's a precious, wonderful thing to behold, and to know, if only vicariously. 


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