Friday, August 12, 2011

Limbaugh Rules the GOP – Mind, Body and Soul(less)

Rush Limbaugh, bloated narcissist that he is, is the de facto leader of the Grand Old Party. You know, the tyrannical fascist who revels in atavistic ramblinigs about the Constitution, and who wants to flush Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security retirement payments – ALL social programs that assist or, otherwise, benefit people who are not fortunate enough to have three homes in Europe and two in the United States. This wealthy, fat blowhard mutters something in the morning, and all Republican congressmen and women repeat his blather by the afternoon.
One could assume, quite realistically, that Limbaugh is the actual "power" behind the throne whenever a Republican is elected president, senator or congressional representative (excuse me while I wretch!).
So all you patriotic "old folks" who just love Rush's political viewpoints, please understand what he's in support of: No more Medicare or Medicaid payments for you (you leach); no more Social Security payments once you've reach retirement age – just work till you drop dead and quit bitching about it, you big baby! And no more safe food, safe drugs, safe highways, in fact, no more regulations at all! Anything that gets in the way of corporate profits is UN-AMERICAN! No more unions (little people shouldn't presume to know what's best for themselves or their families!); no more tort law (how dare you presume to claim damages if a doctor has a bad day and cuts of the wrong limb. Suck it up, punk!


Blogger iREADray said...

To some extent valid. Sure, Limbaugh has some power influence over the Grand Old Party, but he doesn't control it. But if he has all the power, why hasn't he run for President, oh, yeah, right, he wouldn't get elected... and neither will the Congressmen who continue to spew out his rhetoric.

8/24/2011 5:44 PM  

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