Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Inside Job

Check out the film "Inside Job" if you want to see how snakes, trolls and thieves rule this government of ours. The film is an enlightening look at how the proponents of financial deregulation – people who today are still considered "giants" and "patriots" and "leaders" by ignorant, misinformed or willfully duplicitous people – pushed our economic system into a dark, evil territory, where lies, backstabbing and destruction were the coin of the realm. Chief among the trolls is Alan Greenspan, the soft-spoken, wrinkled and wizened head of the U.S. Treasury. But certainly he's not the only economic whore who sold his soul for the sake of a fantasy – perhaps one he truly believed! Nevertheless, he peddled the dream of free-wheeling capitalism as a holy pact between the nation's forefathers and today's patriotic billionaires. The fantasy, loosely stated, claims that the richer the rich get, the better off we all become. The holy grail of this enormous falsehood derives from the inflexible certitude that unfettered capitalism is the edict of God, and any other economic model is sent from Satan.
The despicable, doddering fool, Greenspan, clung to the "grail," even in light of facts that, long before it happened, predicted the collapse of our economic system. So he refused to even consider instituting regulations that might have reined in the vampires who were sucking the life's blood of the American people. He had been warned, several times, as it turns out. But he remained rooted in the lie.
And the literal "mountains of wealth" generated during the freewheeling '80s, '90s and first half of the new millennium's first decade, were not used to enrich fellow Americans. No, no, no! The gold, jewels and luxuries engorged the guts of human PIGS, for whom the idea of sharing wealth is a quaint but ridiculous notion. No, the vast oceans of cash were banked by a few elite, inside-the-loop CEOs, and by those who required payment for silence, or for educated, sophisticated manipulation of the public – investors who were robbed as surely as one is robbed at gunpoint – in order to keep the gravy boat chugging down the line.
Greenspan's willful blindness allowed the financial system to grow into the monster it has become, feeding on the bodies, blood and bones of anyone unfortunate enough to trust those economists and lawyers who created the system! So f*@# you, Greenspan! Hope you rot in hell!



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