Saturday, August 21, 2004

And the sleazy muck continues to flow from the Bush camp

The emptiness of this life seems to grow exponentially with the time spent living it.

I am starving from lack of imagination, lack of ideas, loss of purpose and sense of self.

I'm so sick of the politics of personal attacks and fallacious allegations. It's a nightmare trying to decide who will lead the nation when the bulk of information about the candidates has nothing to do with policies. Of course, this hurts Bush more than Kerry, I think, because many Americans know Bush's folly up to this moment, and many are disillusioned by the president's seeming ambivalence toward democratic ideals. In fact, Bush's America looks eerily like Orwell's as depicted in his book "1984." So this is the albatross around the president' neck - his well-known penchant for favoring big business over public welfare; his egocentric notion that he's somehow informed by God directly, and his complete lack of insight when it comes to the founding fathers' hopes for the future of America, as embodied in the Constitution and its companion Bill of Rights.

Now Kerry is no grand figure, but at least he presents a possible alternative to the pathway Bush has placed our national 'self' upon. We've become a nation of bullying, clerical bigots.


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