Sunday, July 25, 2004

Armstrong wins!

It's wondrous when someone does the seemingly impossible, and today Lance Armstrong, a Texan, took the best bicyclists in the world to the mat, winning his sixth straight Tour de France in classic fashion, leading by more than 6 minutes ahead of his nearest competitor. How many records fell with Armstrong's win? Who knows. Besides the six-in-a-row benchmark, he also won, with this race, the greatest number of yellow jerseys; he set records for specific stages of the race, particularly in the inclines up muscle-wrenching mountain roads; he posted extraordinary times overall, including at the beginning of the race some three weeks ago.

And, of course, the sixth straight win is a lofty peak that, I think, few will ever approach, let alone achieve. Armstrong's win gives new meaning to the word unprecedented – perhaps defining it, if you will.

I wonder if he's achieved everything he set out to achieve, or will he go for seven? Ah well, who cares. Today, he's king of the road!


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