Sunday, July 04, 2004

New browser, new blues.

Yea, so I downloaded Mozilla Firebird and Firefox and I'm sloggling through the mulitiple acrobatics that one must hurdle to set up the browser to one's taste.

I'm trying to figure out what these acronyms stand for and which extensions I need to make Firefox do simple things like allow autocomplete text entries or import my many bookmarks, saved over the past three years.

Alas, it's a pain in the butt but I will say this; the browser seems to be faster than either IE or Safari, the two browsers I've used most often.

Boring, eh? Yea, me too!

So I'm guessing that the election is Kerry's to lose – and I'm afraid he's going to do just that unless he begins making strong points against Bush's policies and actions (or inactions) that have perched this nation on the edge of world conflict. It's sad but America is fast becoming the most hated nation on earth - what's worse is, for some, there're good reasons for that hatred.

But I'm still clinging to the notion that, despite Bush's ineptitude and his cronies Evangelical zeal for all things red-neck, the nation's collective psyche will remember that we have the most liberal, self-informed Constitution ever set to paper and that we can do better.

Meantime, life is a minefield of frustrating hurdles and hassles designed to distract us from the real business of living. Fuggit! I'm tired and I just don't care at the moment. Goodnight!


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