Monday, April 19, 2004

Bush's press conference - absurd! Scary!

I was appalled at Bush's evasive, rambling answers to certain questions posed to him during his rare press conference last week. Asked why he had to have the vice president with him when he goes before the 9-11 commission, he kept repeating the phrase, "It's an opportunity for us to answer questions that the commission wants answered and we're eager to address those questions," or something to that effect.

The point is, he never grasped (or chose to ignore) the crux of the question, which was why does Cheney have to accompany him? Why don't they go before the commission separately?

And asked if he'd made any major mistakes, his rambling, incoherent non-answer was incredibly revealing. "I wish you'd of submitted that question to me before the press conference so I could have had a chance to come up with an answer," etc., etc. What did it reveal? That Bush is like a blind man in a china shop and doesn't give a damn about damaging the goods.

In short, Bush is leading this nation into dark, stormy waters and no one seems to want to look the looming disaster straight in the eyes and call it as they see it.

Iraq is turning into a disaster, not unforeseen, I might add, and it doesn't appear that the administration has a clue about what to do to improve the situation.

Therefore, scary! When Bush was elected I predicted that we would find ourselves in deep shit before too long and - 9-11 aside - he's fulfilled my prediction, sadly.

Well, it's time for me to keep a promise. Got to run. Hope you're all living life to the fullest and to the best of your ability.

Just remember to breathe normally, and relax. Adios for now, amigoes.


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