Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Air America's O'Franken Factor rocks!

"Karl Rove is an idiot!" That's a quote from Al Franken stated on his "O'Franken Factor" Air America radio program April 13. Where else will hear such refreshing criticism that's "fair and balanced" - if you mean slanted to the left by fair and balanced. Of course, people like Limbaugh and Hannity mean fair and balanced if you mean slanted to the right, or conservativism in its most perverse iteration.

I, for one, am happy that the liberal, Democratic-leaning voice finally has a public forum. I hope everyone gives Air America a listen, and I mean LISTEN! Just check it out for one hour before you make up your mind about its worth as a marketplace of ideas.

And by the way, Karl Rove IS an idiot!

Hope you have a successful, prosperous, sexy day.


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