Friday, May 14, 2004

The dark, evil lie!

The LIE that the Republican Party is selling the American public is that Iraq and Saddam Hussein had something - ANYTHING - to do with 9-11. That's the lie that supports George W. Bush's campaign and that's the lie that they pray no one delves too deeply into publicly. They're laughing at the whole of America when they see how effective the lie has been so far, and they're betting that the electorate is as stupid as the rest of us and, therefore, will swallow this tripe about being a "war president" who's fighting the good fight "against terrorists." Iraq, I repeat, Iraq had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9-11!

Even the administration, if pressed lightly, must admit that! In fact, our invasion of Iraq has created more terrorists. So, if you want to talk practical reality, Bush helped the terrorists who hate America by attacking Iraq for purely prurient, personal reasons (yes, I'm saying the good soldiers who're spilling their blood and losing their lives in Iraq are doing so because, like a bad B-grade Mafia flick, the "boss" said to hit 'em), reasons that had NOTHING to do with 9-11.

Why then did Bush attack Iraq? Well, gee, let's see. Hmmm. There's a fellow named Wolfowitz who wrote a paper several years ago – BEFORE Bush was placed in the White House by the Supreme Court – and Wolfowitz's paper had a central tenet. That tenet was, Iraq tried to kill President Bush '41, Iraq is bad. Iraq is easy to beat. We should attack Iraq because it makes us look tough to the other Middle Eastern nations, nobody in the Middle East really likes Iraq anyway, and, Iraq has lots of oil!

Then along comes the puppet we call Mr. President and voile! War with Iraq. I would contend that we would have found a premise (Saddam ignored all those United Nations decrees!) to attack Iraq had 9-11 never happened. But lucky for Bush, it did. Sadly, his stupidity is costing lots of lives.

The BIG LIE is right in your face and you don't see it! And, odds are, the GOP is going to sell this BIG LIE to the electorate and the B-meister will be in office after November 2004 (Oh God, help us all)! Stupid Americans! That's us folks! Look in the mirror and ask yourself, who killed all those Americans in New York, Pennsylvania and D.C. on 9-11? Then, still looking in the mirror? Ask yourself, what involvement did Saddam Hussein have with the horrible deeds performed that awful day? Then go find the FACTS that show Saddam had ANYTHING to do with 9-11. Take the time to at least READ say, maybe three reputable sources - whichever sources you decide are reputable - and find three sources that agree Saddam Hussein was a player in the 9-11 attacks. Done yet? Well, I'll wait.


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