Monday, February 23, 2004

Aimlessness as career ...

Aimlessness as career, yea, that's what my life's ambition once was and, at times, with a heavy sigh and a pressure on my chest, a memory of that amorphous goal haunts my thoughts. But it was not to be. No. Not for me. Though I had all the qualifications and the deepest of ambitions I just could not bring it off, though not for lack of trying - trust me on this point.

And now I look at those several few who've managed to pull it off - living their lives seemingly without a care for bills, mortgages, child support payments and such - by simply being born into the right circumstances. AND THAT, I'm convinced, is the secret of truly living the aimless life. Circumstance must dictate the right conditions and one's propensity for laziness must be an honest, well-developed facet of one's character.

It's easy, John Lennon wrote, "all you need is love." Yea, right. Well, that just ain't so my child. Love is great! But it's not all you need in any regard, irregardless of your purpose.

And so it goes.

Time for me to hit the store, head to my girlfriend's and begin the evening before my return to work tomorrow. Life sucks! Or maybe life blows! Whichever, it's certainly not so great, ya know?

Peace - out.


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