Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year's blues

Yea, I got the New Year's blues.
I've been snarking up flem and coughing since Day 1 of 2011 and it's growing tedious and tiresome!
Now, spring semester begins today and I'm a walking disease transmitter – wonderful for my classmates, NOT!
Whatever this flu (?) bug is, it's a bitch! It's a low-grade, long-lasting succubus that doesn't rise to the level of serious health concern, but lingers, and gnaws on my medical well being slowly and inexorably.
Whatever god had in mind when he/she/it created diseases, he certainly crafted some mega-monster sh$# with whatever it is I've got!
So, yea, I've got the New Year's blues, but it's OK. It's just fine. My inner being is happy to be alive and smiling in the sunshine of universal love. Crazy ain't it?
Happy New Year to one and all! Here's wishing the good old USA a very good year ahead, whatever form that "goodness" might take.


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5/23/2011 12:09 AM  

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