Sunday, January 18, 2004

Did I say the Patriots? I meant the Colts! But it doesn't look good!

On my 'Jungle Rumbling' Blog I said that I picked the Patriots to win today - but I added that I thought Peyton Manning was the most surgically precise quarterback playing the game today (meaning I confused the Colts for the Pats). So, being an honest gambler, I'm owning up to my faux pas and telling the world I screwed up. Fortunately, this amounts to nothing at all since I've no money on the game and didn't even make a "gentelman's bet" on the playoff series.

It's Sunday (obviously) and I'm sitting here wondering how I wound up on this planet, in this state, in this town, in this house on this day? But it doesn't really matter at all. Where I am, there I am.

And so it goes. I hope you're having a better time than I, because I'm having a really sucky day! Not that anything in particular has gone wrong - it's a general 'feeling' of funkiness that has me blue.

But what the hell, fuggit! Life goes on whether I do or not, so I guess I'll hang in a while longer and see what happens.


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