Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn musings

This sometimes-terrible system of political, financial, rational and irrational forces working on each and every one of us creates physical and intellectual environments that force (or allow) us to mesh with one another in a "society" or a "culture" described by our day-to-day interactions, which, in turn, fuels the progression of ideas, sensations, desires and perceptions that, as a whole, manifest our inner and outer selves; the codes we use to manage our lives are all based in the silent dialogue that constantly takes place between our ears.
The fears that seem to plague most people generally arise from their own misgivings about themselves, their abilities or their choice of actions. In other words, Doubt feeds fear, and fear devours joy, peace, serenity, love and much more.
To find a center within oneself where calm deliberation grips the helm and thoughtfulness is king, one must learn to let go of fear, and that ain't easy. For many, it's nearly impossible.
But fear is the one quality, the one force that must be expelled from one's mind, heart and soul if one is to even hope to achieve success in love, business, school, war or any human endeavor.
I suggest that happiness cannot live with fear. Nor can humor, love, care or genuine selflessness.
So, what to do?


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