Saturday, September 30, 2006

History repeats

How does this Congress look in the mirror without retching? How does your congressperson justify voting for a bill that undermines our Constitution and puts every American at risk for imprisonment without cause?
That's exactly what the current bunch of loonies in Washington, D.C., did yesterday with the passage of the anti-terror act that Bush was so anxious to see passed. Anxious because our president want's to make sure that his minions are allowed the widest possible latitude in extracting information from anyone the administration deems to be a threat to America. And that could be you. It could be me. It could be your grandmother, grandfather and all the grandkids too!
Habeus corpus, a law that's been long-adhered to by our nation's courts, and by the courts of most Western civilizations for hundreds of years, was abolished with the passage of that mind-bogglingly stupid bill.
And these people are supposed to be bulwarks of liberty? Protectors of our Constitution? Hell, if you change the costumes you could easily be forgiven for believing you were in Communist China, 1936 Germany, Russia in 1920 or some other tyrannical government in ascendency.
This nation has never been so at risk of losing its liberties, and it's happening without a fight. We're simply sitting and watching as the Congress and the administration chip away at the Constitution, bending it so out of shape that it's becoming a shell of its former iteration. We're losing America and it's not to terrorists. It's to our own politicians and sub-rosa leaders.
So when they come to jail you and your family without cause or even charges, don't cry and don't complain because, in essence, you approved the legislation that gave them the power to do so.


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