Sunday, May 18, 2008

GOP in meltdown mode

I watched Meet the Press and This Week (ABC) and it appears to me that the Republican Party is coming apart at the seams!
GOP leaders appear to be stiff, nervous, sweaty and narrow-minded. GOP equals robotized, lobotomized and phony. Democrats appear energized, revitalized and genuine. Keep your eyes on the GOP leadership, including John McCain, and watch how each of them repeats by rote Party lines instilled by the dark forces that control that sinister bunch. Bush has done more to undermine the GOP than 50 years of Democratic Party rule! It's a shame, though, because the nation has to pay for the blunders of the past eight years and pay in blood, wealth and brain-trust.
I'm disgusted with the mess created by Cheney, Rumsfeld and that crew. It beggars the imagination to conceive the depths to which the shortsighted fumbling of this administration have dragged this country, but it's true, nonetheless. Our station in the world is slipping beneath of wave of contempt and disbelief. Where once we had well-deserved honor, we now have suspicion and cynicism from all quarters. Thanks to the GOP and the Supreme Court!


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