Saturday, January 28, 2006

Finite time ticks loudly!

Yea, my sister just reminded me that I'll be 55 when my next birthday rolls around. Ech! I'm not sure how to feel about it, except it's a miracle that I made it this far. So I guess I'm grateful, although, like most of us, I suspect, I want to live forever. Or at least a reasonable approximation of forever (say, oh, 120 years or so). Unfortunately, I suspect I'll fall far short of that mark but at least it's a goal and, as Dale Carnegie said, a goal is half the battle (did Carnegie say that?).
It's Saturday night and I just got home from work at The A-J. Man, I'm tired! It's been a long, oddly stressful week. Oddly because I've had nothing to really get stressed about except the usual day-to-day pressures that most of us deal with. So odd, because I can't put my finger on it.
So I broke down and purchased a new iMac G5 yesterday and wow, what a difference from my little Blueberry iMac to this sleek, sexy little beast. Just the color intensity alone is astonishing (to me), and the plethora of applications and features has me reeling with excitement -- the excitement of knowing that just around the next bend lies a wonderous find, you know what I mean?
One of the features is a nifty little app called Photo Booth, that allows the user to take self-portraits while sitting in front of the computer -- the G5 comes with a tiny camera installed in the front -- and the range of special effects makes playing with this app a lot of fun (oh God, I'm becoming a geek!).
So life goes on (for a while, right?), and I'm about to go on myself. It's time to visit my honeypie so I'll sign off for now. I realize this hardly qualifies as a rant but, oh well. So it goes.


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