Monday, February 20, 2006

Follow the yellow brick road

Well, it's official. Big Bubba, el presidente definitely lives in Oz and is a personal friend of the wizard.
What is up with the pronouncement he made today that America is on the verge of energy breakthroughs that will startle most Americans (or something to that effect)?
Far as I know, el Bushmeister has suggested using grass, corn (ethanol), nuclear, coal, wind and solar and any combination that meets the nation's power needs. But I haven't heard anything to suggest that, other than fossil fuels, there's any major breakthrough on the horizon for any of those alternate fuel sources -- unless, of course, the administration is planning to pump big dollars into one or all of those seminal industries.?!
Sometimes it appears that our leader is a few socks short of a full dufflebag, this being one of them. Without offering specifics, he tells a roomful of people (and the press) that there's a magical, secret solution coming soon to a theater near you. How can I (or anyone) take it seriously when it sounds like wishful thinking taken to the extreme.
But maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. But I must tell you, I'm not holding my breath.
Perhaps the coal industry will come up with a way to burn coal dust in a portable, mobile unit that puts out enough juice to power a car at highway speeds and at petroleum-fueled distances? Not bloody likely!
Or maybe the ethanol industry has convinced the Big Three auto makers to convert most of their products into ethanol-compatible engines, and, of course, the oil industry will have had to agree to converting most of their filling stations to ethanol pumps instead of gasoline. Oh yea, that's gonna happen. Sure.
I find this administration offensive because it treats the American people like a bunch of idiots who cannot grasp reality without falling into a slobbering stupor or stumbling around on all fours while babbling incoherently to themselves.
Why is it that 99 percent of the administration's assertions, pronouncements, et al have come up short of fact? Why is it that the administation is the most secretive in the history of this nation? We've been in two world wars and during those conflicts the secretive nature of leaders did not assert itself nearly to the degree that this leadership team has.
So what's up with all that?
Sheesh. I just get so demoralized and saddened when I see the historical markers this administration is laying down.