Sunday, April 09, 2006

Leak? Hell, Bush lied!

Listening to Rush (Blowhard) Limbaugh freak out about the Bush debacle stirred by the revelation that Scooter Libby told a federal grand jury that Bush and Cheney authorized him to reveal classified information about the Iraq War in an effort to divert attention from Joe Wilson's charges that the war was based on thinly veiled lies.
Limbaugh, slavering and foaming at the mouth, blathered on about how it's impossible for the president to leak simply because of a 1982 presidential edict that gave the office authority to declassify any classified information.
Fair enough. But let's just look at the facts. If it was simply a president doing his legal duty to serve the American people, then why did Bush deny any knowledge of the leaks? If it was simply Bush serving the nation, why then did he do everything he could to kill the story? Why did he tell the news media "If I find out anyone in my administration had anything to do with the leak, well, then I'll take the appropriate action. They'll be dealt with." Why did he act innocent and out of the loop, when in fact he was the at the nexus of the whole sordid affair? Why did Cheney, Bush and the whole administration close ranks after they threw Libby to the wolves, pretending that they were appalled by the fact that a CIA agent had been outed?
I ask again; how much of this bulls#@* is the American electorate willing swallow?
Limbaugh, my dear fatheaded boob, I realize that you're head is so far up your ass that you've not seen daylight in years, but when the truth hits you between the eyes, that big knot swelling on your forehead is not the touch of an angel bestowing special insight upon you. That pain you feel between your waxy ears is truth and facts, two aspects of reality that you've lost touch with, obviously.
It's not whether the president had the right to declassify information; it's why did he behave as if he didn't and why was it important for him to pretend he was ignorant of the process that led to the leaks? Answer me that, will ya?


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