Monday, October 24, 2005

How much spin it too much spin?

It's ridiculous how deceptive and dishonest the Bush tribe has become. Hell, the whole Bush presidency has been a canker on
the ass of America from the start, but its become a cancerous, supperating wound, and its champions (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, et al) are coming off like cartoon characters whose reasoning abilities have dissolved in the sunlight.
Every right-wing talk show host uses the exact same talking points daily, which leads me to believe they're getting them from the White House. For example the phrase "criminalization of politics." Every talk show host (Bush cheerleaders, I mean) and Fox news commentators rolled that phrase off their tongues last week, and all on the same day! I know it was penned by a Boston Globe reporter but it was taken out of context and used to spin the GOP's legal problems. The Republicans want to sell the notion that its representatives ought to be able to break laws and commit any number of unethical acts without having to answer for them. In effect, the so-called "criminalization of politics," as the GOP'ers would have us see it, means that Tom DeLay shouldn't be prosecuted for breaking state voting laws because, well, because he's Tom DeLay. Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and that other guy - what's his damn name?? - who're implicated in leaking a CIA agent's name to a newspaper reporter shouldn't be prosecuted or held accountable because it wouldn't be good for the nation, because it might upset the president, I suppose. Basically, the GOP wants to be above all laws, unaccountable to anyone and always admired as the protectors of the U.S. Constitution, despite its transparent disdain for that venerable document.
I find the Bush administration inept, sordid, corrupt and dangerous to every American, every citizen of the world, but enough
people believe (or just can't admit they made a mistake) in Bush and his cronies that the administration gets to float above the very real tragedy that is Bush '43.


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