Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rewarding incompetence

In every administration there's a certain amount of cronyism (is that a word?), but Bush has taken the practice to absurd levels. And now, because the president wants to prove he's the "MAN" he's nominated this kindly old grandma to fill the seat of a justice of the Supreme Court. A resounding "huh" was heard throughout the Washington and the red-state heartland, but Bush simply ignores the protests, another practice he's made de rigeur.
The president performs not so much like an elected official but rather as a dictator and, perhaps, this behavior pattern is finally dawning on his GOP colleagues.
Bush expects loyalty to a fault from his cabinet and Congress, but he offers none to anyone himself.
And how much longer will the public allow him to put Amercan men and women in harm's way in Iraq without so much as considering that it's time for a change in strategy? This president put on his blinders when he took office and, I'm guessing, he never takes them off. Once he's decided a course of action, like all military leaders who've led their troops, and/or nations, into disasters, Bush disregards any evidence that suggests Iraq is turning into a civil war that will place U.S. troops in the middle of a no-win situation with no relevance to our national interests whatsoever.
It's sad, really, that many Americans are dying because of a failed political agenda that its proponents refuse acknowledge in any way, shape or form. Blinders flapping in the backblast of IEDs, the president exhorts us all to "stay the course," despite the fact that the so-called "course" has no discernible objective linked to the changing military situation on the ground.
In other words, Nero fiddles while Rome burns -- and we're letting him.
In my opinion, Bush is a menace to the Republic and, quite possibly, a traitor -- given his propensity to trample over the Constitution -- in direct contravention of his oath of office.
How long, America? How long?


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