Sunday, August 31, 2003

Sunday android bio-techno-bluesJust thought I'd throw up a few thoughts, if I can find one or two, to keep things growing here.

I've been watching videos - both music and film - on the Sputnik Web site. Some very cool stuff there! I recommend anyone who enjoys unusual visual/audio material pay it a visit at the following link: Check out Sputnik!

Wish I had something insightful to say but at this moment I'm just in a fog. I've slept half the day and, as mentioned, spent the rest of the time online noodling my brain with entertaining creations. I'm hoping to hear from my friend Mike soon. He and his wife were expecting to deliver a baby last weekend and I've sent a few e-mail queries since, but haven't received an answer yet.

Mike, if you're reading this, e-mail me, K? Let me know if all is well, or otherwise, amigo.

I taped Meet the Press and Stephanopoulis this morning so I guess I'll check it out. The governor of California is on one of the shows and I'm curious to hear what he has to say about the recall and his response to it.

Oh yea, check out Atom Films Web site for a hilarious parody of Ahnald, oops, Arnold Schwarzenegger's recall campaign. It's worth a look! Meantime, pray for the best and expect the worst but press ahead no matter what because it's bound to change. Peace out.


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